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The Farrash Foundation

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah, The Farrash Foundation was incorporated on 17 May 2013 in ever loving memory of Allahyarham Mohamed Farrash Bin Oli Mohamed, the eldest son of Tuan Haji Dr. Oli Mohamed Bin Abdul Hamid and Puan Hajjah Firoza Bibi Binti Hamid Sultan. The primary objective of the Foundation is to fulfill the desire of the family to make available part of Allah’s generosity to them to be spent in the way of Allah or ‘Fi sabilillah’ for the benefit of the under-privileged members of society, particularly among the Ummah, although its operations will be more inclusive to cover all layers of society and extending beyond, race, religion and nationality.The Foundation will give high priority to support programmes of a sustainable nature designed to transform the lives of individuals in a meaningful way, that is to free them from the clutches of poverty, make them self-reliant and enable them to achieve economic independence. To this end the Foundation will strive to support:

  1. Charitable activities aimed at human capital and skills development relevant to Malaysia.
  2. Programmes in the areas of education, research, social welfare and health services.
  3. Programmes related to the empowerment and improvement of the socio-economic status of women.
  4. Da’awa activities aimed at the propagation of Islam as a religion and its practice.
  5. Requests for emergency aids during natural disasters and in times of national emergencies.

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